Built off of market research interviews and survey data we collected from over 250 digital publishers, the report dives into the top 10 trends facing publishers in digital advertising.

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Learn about the state of digital advertising for national and local publishers, including:

  • What publishers identified as the biggest trend and most influential platform in digital
  • How publishers use programmatic to increase the yield of both their unsold and directly-sold inventory
  • The ad formats with highest perceived ROI
  • Why you can save your ad blocking and attribution worries for another day
  • How the most effective publishers stand out despite their top concerns

What emerged from our research is encouraging—while it is a difficult time for digital publishers, it is also filled with opportunity. Publishers are beginning to operationalize in a much more thoughtful way, by simplifying sales pitches, reducing vendor duplication, incorporating programmatic, and creating elegant video and mobile ad experiences that meet market demand. Download this report to access key insights on the state of digital advertising and learn how publishers need to position themselves for successful future.

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