As video advertising reaches every corner of the internet the industry is finding itself in the tough spot of proving the quality of the $5.72 billion worth of impressions that eMarketer estimates will be sold in 2014. Maintaining quality control across the diverse and expansive set of media suppliers will be daunting but vital as the online video ad market continues to grow its share of advertising dollars. 

Mixpo surveyed over 150 Media Buyers from agencies of all sizes who managed video advertising campaigns in 2013. We asked questions about how they value and measure impression quality. Specifically, we talked to them about how they use measurements of fraudulent impressions and viewability to optimize ROI from the billions of video ad dollars coursing through the ecosystem.

Some highlights:

  • Media buyers estimate that 22% of the ad impressions in video ad buys are fraudulent.
  • Media buyers estimate that 32% of the ad impressions in video ad buys are not viewable.
  • 78% of Media Buyers consider the ability to optimize media buys mid-campaign a key benefit of deploying fraud detection mechanisms.
  • 90% of Media Buyers consider optimizing media buys mid-campaign a key benefit to measuring viewability.

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